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What are people saying about the California Cowboys?
San Jose Metro gives us this quote, " THE CALIFORNIA COWBOYS are tearing through "Thattaway, Jose," an original drinking song that threatens to burn down San Jose's cavernous Saddle Rack. "Thattaway, Jose, looks like another perfect night," sings R.W. Smith, his voice perched between a growl and a twang. "Way to go, Cuervo, a little taste of old Mexico." Steel guitarist Bobby Black and lead guitarist Gary Potterton trade a few searing licks as the dance floor roils with Stetsons and Wranglers. Silicon Valley never sounded--or looked--so country. Read the whole article

The San Francisco Examiner offers this commendation, "even though they can knock-out Top 40 crowd pleasers with a technical mastery that rivals the original recordings. The majority of their music is original... and those are the songs the crowds prefer!" Being great crowd pleasers has helped the Cowboys become two-time winners of the Marlboro Country Music Talent Roundup and champions of the Dixon Country music shootout. With the honor of becoming KRAK radio's band of the year. You'll soon be able to hear their music on many top country radio stations. R.W.'s creative combination of rock influences with traditional country sound and look has won him the honored position of CCMA's Entertainer of the Year 1994.

Country Music Magazine dubs the Cowboys an "Unusually Terrific Band that not only loves country music but has the ability to write it, play it and hold an audience in the palm of it's hand."

Lori Umpress of Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation says "the Cowboys are not only a pleasure to work with, but the way they capture an audience is magical."

The Reno Best Bets Magazine calls the Cowboys "Best unknown band of the year, with big star potential."

California Country Music Awards says "Entertainment just doesn't get any better than this."

The Bed Rock Awards voted the Cowboys "Best Club Band of the Year."

Winners of Disc Makers 25,000 Independent Music World Series.
Winners of the Mama Awards (Modesto Area Music Awards) best in country, 2002.
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